Does the thought of taxes ever stress you out?

Honestly, it shouldn’t. If you answered yes to the question, here’s a video I put together to help get you through tax time with as little time and money spent as possible. Check it out below.


Who is Trevor Mathews?

He is a problem solver, a team player, and a QuickBooks Certified Pro-Advisor. Every business owner has different needs, and we will adapt to take as much work and stress off your hands as possible. We work to be the team you didn’t know you needed and wouldn’t want to grow without.


Ready to get your accounting on the right track?

Step #2

Build a monthly budget. Have an idea where you want your money to be going month-by-month. This will also make sure you don’t get surprised by any late fees on surprises on your taxes.

Step #1

Get “cleaned up”. Make sure you go back and reconcile all of your accounts up until now. If you want us to clean up one month for you, just click the button below.

Step #4

Review your financial statements at the end of the month. Analyzing these statements is crucial to understanding your finances, but it can be confusing. We will show you how to do this using the financial statements we produce after completing your free month.

Step #3

Make a plan moving forward. Whether you have someone help you with your bookkeeping or you just need to set aside some time each week to keep up with it, have a plan or it won’t get done.