5 Reasons to Use Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Software

5 Reasons to Use Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Software

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Good news! Bookkeeping software is not being left behind in this technological age. The times of tracking finances with pen and paper are long over but now computer-based bookkeeping is making big changes by moving online. Here we will cover some of the benefits business owners like yourself can obtain by using a cloud-based accounting software like Quick Books Online (QBO).

1) Access your books on any device, anytime

Just because you aren’t at the office doesn’t mean your business is off your mind, therefore your books should travel with you. You can access QBO from any PC, Mac or smartphone if you have a Wi-Fi connection. If you are ever feeling down, just hop online, check out your beautiful books (and profits of course ;) and we are sure you’ll feel better.

2) Use technology/apps to make your life easier

Bank Transactions go directly into QBO, eliminating the mundane step of manually entering transactions into the software. This can be a huge time saver if there are high numbers of transactions in your business. This feature is available for desktop however it is an added monthly cost.

Receipt shoe boxes are common for many small business owners, but this trend is ending. With QBO, business owners can upload pictures of receipts to the cloud which we will then attach to the correct transaction. This allows you or your accountant to find receipts without digging through thousands of little papers.

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3) Sharing your books

Sometimes you need to share your books with an employee or an accountant and using a cloud-based service makes this as easy as giving them a unique username and password. Not only can you add someone anytime to the account, but you can choose how much they can do in the application. You can give them full, limited, or read-only access.

4) Updates and backup

Just like apps on your phone, QBO is constantly updated. From bug fixes to new features, your online application will always be up-to-date compared to desktop applications that are updated every three years or so.

Backing up your books has never been easier. In fact, with QBO, your books are automatically backed up, so you don’t have to worry about it. QBO takes security very seriously, so you can be sure your books will always look exactly how you left them, which as bookkeepers, is one of our favorite features!

5) Support

Transitioning to an online application is a change for any small business owner, but the support that comes with QBO is superb. If you decide to make the change from desktop to QBO on your own instead of having a bookkeeper help you get set up, there is unlimited QBO phone and message support to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Wrap Up

QuickBooks desktop still has some advantages such as inventory tracking options and the ability to input many invoices at once. The beauty of QBO is these features could be added to the online application in the future. As bookkeepers, QBO allows us to make your experience as a business owner simple and stress-free so you can focus on growing your company!

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